Founded in 1981 by Robin Guthrie, Will Heggie and Elizabeth Fraser, the Cocteau Twins have always been a threesome. In 1983, Will Heggie departed the band and, in 1984, Simon Raymonde joined Robin and Liz. This lineup would be the de-facto Cocteau Twins until their breakup in 1998.

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Elizabeth Fraser

Born: August 29, 1963 in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Liz is the vocalist and lyricist in Cocteau Twins, and co-founded the group in Scotland in 1981 with her long-time companion Robin Guthrie and their friend Will Heggie. Her unique vocal stylings and mysterious, indecipherable lyrics have generated much debate over the years, but she has often been taciturn on the matter when asked about it.


Robin Guthrie

Born: January 4, 1962 in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Robin is a co-founder of Cocteau Twins, and is one of the principal songwriters and musicians. Robin’s unique style of guitar-playing and songwriting—not to mention his deft production skills in the recording studio—have earned him the respect of musicians throughout the world.


Simon Raymonde

Born: April 3, 1962 in Tottenham, England.

Simon, along with Robin, is a principal songwriter and musician in Cocteau Twins. Having joined Liz and Robin in 1984, Simon has helped shape the signature “Cocteau sound” since then—primarily with bass, guitar, and piano.

Simon was the first of the trio to release a solo work, entitled Blame Someone Else, in 1997, which was widely praised by critics and fans alike.


Other Members

Over the years, there have been several other musicians who have contributed to the music of the Cocteau Twins, usually during live performances.